Volkswagen SUV

Volkswagen SUV

Take advantage of all the Volkswagen innovations.
Equally at home in the city or on the most remote roads, discover our range of Volkswagen SUV combining comfort, design and safety.

Discover the whole range that you can buy new or used.

Models of Volkswagen SUV


Volkswagen T-Cross SUV
Volkswagen T-Cross SUV

Blue VW T-Cross parked with an open door and a couple chatting on either side of the vehicle

The T-Cross is as versatile as the drivers it was designed for. Because your lives, your projects, your passions are many, the T-Cross makes room for all of them. Let yourself be seduced by an extraordinary car that breaks all the codes. Just like you.

Discover the T-Cross

New SUV Volkswagen Taigo

SUV Taigo
SUV Taigo

Volkswagen’s first coupé SUV.

Green Volkswagen Taigo parked in a car park with a man walking behind the vehicle

The New Taigo is dedicated to all those who, like you, follow their own path, who want to assert their style, those who move forward instead of following, those who make the ordinary more extraordinary every day.

Discover the New Taigo

New T-Roc

SUV Volkswagen T Roc
SUV Volkswagen T Roc

Grey VW New T-Roc parked in front of a house with people approaching from the back

You’re ready for the New T-Roc.

You’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd and be different. The New T-Roc is not afraid of anything either. With its assertive style and avant-garde personality, nothing pleases it more than to be noticed.

Discover the New T-Roc

New T-Roc Cabriolet

SUV Volkswagen T Roc Cabriolet
SUV Volkswagen T Roc Cabriolet

A woman with two dogs standing next to a red VW New T-Roc Cabriolet

The New SUV Convertible.

The most emotional SUV in the Volkswagen range. At first glance, an expression of inner power, at second glance, unlimited freedom. An SUV that is impressive in every way, turning every moment into something truly special.

Discover the New T-Roc Cabriolet



VW ID.4 blue, parked, 3/4 front view

As versatile as an SUV, as powerful as an ID.

The ID.4 combines the best of both worlds: the versatility of a modern SUV and the sustainable performance of an electric vehicle. For those who want it all. Without compromise.

Discover the ID.4

New ID.5


VW New ID.5 in front of a garage exit with a man walking on the passenger side

More elegant than an SUV, more equipped than a coupe.

The New ID.5 is the first Volkswagen SUV to combine the sporty design and elegance of a coupé with the qualities of the 100% electric ID range. A coupé SUV with an iconic design that is sure to give you an electric shock at first sight.

Discover the ID.5


SUV Tiguan
SUV Tiguan

Woman by the open driver’s side door of the blue VW Tiguan

An exciting new vision.

More powerful, more comfortable and more connected than ever, the Tiguan is ready for anything. Its intelligent technology gives it exceptional capabilities.
This dynamic SUV will redefine the field of possibilities.

Discover the Tiguan

New Tiguan Allspace

SUV Tiguan Allspace
SUV Tiguan Allspace

VW New Tiguan Allspace parked in front of a half-timbered wall

The new 7-seater multi-purpose SUV.

1 child, 2 children, 3 children, 4 children… There are times in life when you need to think big. With 7 seats as standard, the New Tiguan Allspace is as spacious as it is welcoming. The ideal SUV to take your little world to the ends of the earth.

Discover the New Tiguan Allspace


SUV Volkswagen Touareg
SUV Volkswagen Touareg

VW Touareg with man and dog in front

The Premium SUV.

The Touareg’s bold lines give it a unique presence.
Its many features such as air suspension with rear wheel steering, IQ. Light – Matrix LED or the Innovision Cockpit offer an exceptional driving experience.

Discover the Touareg

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